How to Save at Starbucks


Many of us drink Starbucks almost everyday. Here are a few tips to save you money.

Use the Starbucks App – Use the App to pay. You will earn rewards which gives you a free drink / food every now and then including your birthday.

Holiday Stamp Card – Buy 5 Holiday drinks by December 25th and get one for free. Just ask for a card at the front desk if they don’t offer it to you

Buy Gift Cards at a DiscountGo to CardBear to save an extra 9% off every purchase on Starbucks. Make sure to load the gift card onto your Starbucks app to earn rewards

Bring Your Own Cup – Save 10 cents on the price of your drink if you bring your own cup

Don’t Buy Bottled Water – Just ask for water with ice. Starbucks will happily hand it to you

$2 Iced Latte – Ask for a Triple espresso over ice in a Venti cup. Go to the condiment area to fill up the card with milk

Ask for “No Water” with your Tea – Iced Teas are double strength watered down in water. Just get more tea and add water later.

Puppy Latte or Puppycino – Your dog will get a free cup full of whipped cream

Order Venti instead of 2 Talls – If you and your friend want the same drink, just order the Venti and ask for an extra Tall cup. This will save you two $1 each.


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